Lucretia Coffin Mott Chronology
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This image is taken from a letter written by Lucretia Mott to Anna Temple Brown (November 5, 1858).

Courtesy of the Mott Collection, Friends Historical Library of  Swarthmore College.

Important Dates Events
January 3, 1793  Born, Nantucket, Mass. to Thomas and Anna Folger Coffin 
July, 1806  Attends Nine Partners in Dutchess County, New York
April 10, 1811  Marries James Mott
August 6, 1812  Anna born 
August 23, 1814  Thomas born 
April 16, 1817  Thomas dies 
March 30, 1818  Maria born 
August 8, 1823  Thomas born 
December 14, 1825  Elizabeth born 
October 30, 1828  Martha born 
1830-35  Elected clerk of Philadelphia Woman's Yearly Meeting 
December 9, 1833  Helps organize Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society, after the American Anti-Slavery Society meets in Philadelphia 
Summer 1840  With James travels to England, Ireland and Scotland as prospective delegate representing American Anti-Slavery Society to World's Anti-Slavery Convention in London 
May 9, 1848  In first major speech at American Anti-Slavery Society in New York advocates immediate abolition of slavery 
July 19-20, 1848  Helps organize Seneca Falls convention and write Woman's Declaration of Rights and Resolutions 
December 17, 1849  Delivers "Discourse on Woman" in Philadelphia in answer to R.H. Dana, Sr. 
October, 1850  Attends 1st National Woman's Rights Convention in Worcester, Mass.; 
meets Lucy Stone 
September 8-9, 1852  Elected president of Woman's Rights Convention in Syracuse; 
meets Susan B. Anthony 
December 1859  Hosts John Brown's wife during trial of John Brown 
May 1863  Joins with Wendell Phillips against William Lloyd Garrison supporting non-resistance and need to keep opposing slavery 
July 12, 1863  Speaks to black soldiers at Camp William Penn 
April 1, 1864  Charter for Swarthmore College is drawn up 
May 1866  Chosen 1st president of Equal Rights Association meeting in New York 
May 10, 1866  Delivers remarks at Eleventh National Woman's Rights Convention, New York City
April 1870  Tries to reconcile Lucy Stone with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in New York City over priorities of women's organizations 
July 1876  Presides at National Woman Suffrage Association in Philadelphia 
July 19, 1878  Delivers last public address in Rochester, New York, on 30th anniversary of Seneca Falls 
November 11, 1880  Dies at Roadside (farm near Philadelphia) 


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